An evolutionary performance featuring several memorable pieces, from over 10 years of performance art powered by female freelancers.

To celebrate 10 years of the company and its mission to create space for change. JME Dance Company are back with another iconic theatre performance.

The repertory selected by Artistic Director Jasmine M Eccles, brings an eclectic variety of performances together for this year’s 10 year anniversary. A mix of cultural dance, contemporary aesthetic and unpredictable performance art. Performed by dancers associated with JMEDC casts across the 10 years, including the original cast of 2012 to the current cast of 2022/2023.

Join us in celebrating the work created by JMEDC over the 10 years, the dancers who have contributed to the growth of the company and you! Our community that has, and continues to support JMEDC in creating space for local artists.

Date: 20th July 2023
Venue: Albert Hall, Nottingham

Tickets starting from £18, £22, £35


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